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Hillel & The University of Utah

Requesting Religious accommodation in the classroom

We are continuing to work with the University of Utah to ensure fair access to religious accommodation due to holiday, festival, and holy day observances. If you wish, you may use the following template to request accommodations from professors  for your religious observances. This template is specificaly for use by University of Utah Students. 


If you attend a different school and would like support in asking for religious accommodation from professors, please reach out to our Managing Director, Elana Fauth, at   

View, download, and customize the template by clicking the PDF icon here

The Campus Climate Initiative

Hillel International’s Campus Climate Initiative (CCI) works collaboratively with higher education administrators and university presidents to ensure a positive campus climate in which Jewish students feel comfortable expressing their identity and values, free of antisemitism, harassment, or marginalization. In Utah, the CCI model involves partnership between the University of Utah administration, Hillel for Utah, and the CCI team. It is based on the premise that key administrative leaders play an essential role in effecting broad-based educational and policy change on campus, and that the university-Hillel partnership can lead toward positive changes that will benefit both Jewish students and all students.

The work of this committee has lead to many positive outcomes, including bringing Kosher for Passover style meals to dining halls, , Kosher for Passover pantry items to campus stores, and the above template used to help students advocate for themselves in the classroom if they should need an excused absence for religious observances. 

Our Campus Climate initiative consists of administrators at the University of Utah, Hillel for Utah staff, and Hillel for Utah student leaders. Hear from our 2021 President Jacob Olson, who served on the CCI committee at the University of Utah, regarding the impact of the program at the U. 

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