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Learning Fellowships

Kol Yisrael Fellowship Hillel for Utah Jewish Learning

Kol Yisrael is a NEW 6-week curriculum designed towards universal conversations that animate the contemporary Israeli landscape. Students will explore a diversity of values-based narratives, and engage in dialogue surrounding Israel, its culture, politics, and more. Join us! Kol Yisrael is offered Fall 2023, and will be facilitated by Israel Educator Liz Paige.

Email Elana at for details

Hillel for Utah Jewish Learning Fellowship

The Jewish Learning Fellowship is a 10 week/10 session Fellowship exploring ancient and modern texts and their implications on "Life's Big Questions" surrounding Friendship, love, morality, and more.

​JLF 1.0 is offered in Spring 2024. 

Email Elana at for details

Students learning Hillel for Utah JLF Cohort

JLF Alumni Testimonials

Ted Camper
Class of 2020

"I got so much out of my experience with JLF. I did not have the privilege growing up to explore my family’s Jewish heritage. JLF offered me the opportunity to study what it means to be Jewish amongst other members of the Jewish community. I learned so much about my place in the Jewish community that I feel like I have returned to where I belong.  I built a connection though JLF that will last a lifetime."

Abby Molzer
Class of 2023

“Coming from a town with a very small Jewish community, Hillel for Utah and specifically JLF gave me a sense of belonging within the Jewish community that I’ve never had before. Connecting with other students and exploring each of our Jewish identities was so powerful. It reaffirmed that while everyone’s Judaism is different, we all support one another’s experiences and journeys.”

Gavin Reynolds
Class of 2026

"Through Hillel's learning opportunities, like the Jewish Learning Fellowship (JLF), I push myself to find new meanings, create deeper understandings, and become an advocate for my community."

JFNA Jewish Changemakers 

Jewish Changemakers Fellowship Hillel for Utah

Connect and collaborate with other young Jewish leaders, age 20-25, who are working to create change in their communities.

The Fall 2023 session of the Jewish Changemakers Fellowship begins October 9th and offers an opportunity to connect with other young Jewish leaders across the country while hearing from different professionals who will share their expertise within their field and in the Jewish community.

Work with inspiring professionals and peers in a 6-week, online fellowship designed to expand your network, hone your leadership skills, and jumpstart your career. Apply by September 26th at

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