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  • Elana Fauth

Reigniting my Jewish connection

Kayla Dworsky, past Vice President of Hillel for Utah, shares how Hillel for Utah has strengthened her connection to Judaism in a blog post published by Hillel International

"Even when I was applying to colleges, finding a campus with a Jewish community wasn’t a priority for me. I enrolled at the University of Utah, mainly because of its phenomenal recreational therapy program. Utah has a small Jewish population, unlike Los Angeles, where I was surrounded by other Jews. It was just so different from my community back home. During the first weekend on campus, my roommate and I decided we would go visit Hillel for Utah. There, I met other students who I had so much in common with — who shared my Jewish values. I realized that I had lost sight of how important Judaism was to me. Hillel helped me remember that, so I kept going back. "

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