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  • Ella Abramson

My dad is Jewish, and my mom is Filipino Catholic. I have no shame.

Ella Abramson, past Engagement Chair for Hillel for Utah, shares a heartfelt message about her Jewish identity on Hillel Internationals Blog

“At my first Hillel event, my childhood fears came back to me. What if these students know everything about being Jewish, and I know nothing? My extended Jewish family couldn’t even accept me, so how can a group of people I just met? But everyone made me feel comfortable and welcome, so I kept going back to Hillel. I’ve learned about Torah and Jewish culture. I’ve celebrated my first Shabbat and Purim. I’ve even participated in Good Deeds Day, an international day of volunteering, with my Hillel friends by collecting litter and weeding yards at a no-kill shelter in Utah."

We are so proud of Ella and her Jewish Journey!

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